Violet Scrap Vio.La

Violet Scrap is an Italian rising star of the international Tribal Fusion scene. After a early life spent studying music and visual arts, she begins her journey with bellydance at the age of 18, finally feeding a lifelong desire.

She starts studying with Syria Nejma, a local dance teacher, approaching the styles of Baladi, Saiidi, Ghawazee and Khaleeji in 2007.
In 2008 she starts dancing with the world music group Groowa Circus with the fellow dancer Irene Copolutti. Hours of improvised performances every night will be one of the strongest sides of her formation as a dancer and performer.

Her natural tendency to self expression drives her to fuse Oriental dances with Urban dances, thus bringing her in contact with the Tribal Fusion style, the love that changed her life.
After a few years of self-teaching, she starts travelling in Italy to train officially, picking very selectively only the best professionals around: Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Samantha Emanuel, Cera Byer. Ashley Lopez, Ariellah Aflalo, Kami Liddle, Heather Stants, Colleena Shakti, Manca Pavli, are just a handful of names.

In 2011 she starts collaborating with another very well-known italian dancer, Lamia Barbara, with whom she gives birth to the VIO.LA project, a dancing duo that aims at pushing boundaries and create beauty. The same year she starts training ATS, and starts teaching weekly Tribal Fusion classes in Perugia and Foligno. In September 2011 she begins her travellings abroad to perform at Shows and Haflas.

Pushed by the love for the art form and the incredibly supporting worldwide feedback, 2012 is the year of her turning to fulltime dancer. Keeping up with her bellydance formation, she jumps from Yoga to Bharatanatyam, from House dance to Theatre, and starts working with the crew from the Street Dance School in Perugia. She starts studying popping and hip hop and collaborating with the dancer Alessandro Fava, and has the chance to dance for the musicians Filastine and Nova.
In 2013 she organizes The Urban Fusion festival in Perugia, the first bellydance/hip hop themed festival of the world.

To this date, she has teached and performed to many festivals and events, in Italy and abroad, trying to bring her peculiar vision of the possibility of dance all the way to Argentina, Russia, France, England, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Estonia and Austria, now planning to step her tiny feet across the Atlantic Ocean in search for more dance and more learning.

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