Piny Orchidaceae

Piny is a full hearted dancer. She started dancing Belly Dance and Salsa in 2000 and after two years discovered Hip Hop culture and felt totally in love. For some years she immersed into Hip Hop and left in pause the first dance styles she tried.

In 2006 she created with Lucia and Leo a female Hip Hop Crew called ButterflieSoulflow, where they developed their work in dance (Breakdance, Hip Hop, House Dance, Popping and Waacking), doing stage shows, freestyle sessions and dance battles. They started a dj project called Soulflow djs playing only with vinyl and they did graffiti for some years. They were supported by Red Bull Portugal and Eastpak Portugal, and went to New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, Amsterdam, Lausanne, Stockholm and Zurich, to dance, to absorb but especially to share and learn. During these years she finished her degree in Architecture, influence that is very present in her work.

She felt in love with Tribal Fusion Belly Dance in 2005 and started developing her style and fusion since then.
In 2009 she was invited to Jukebox Project, a professional Hip Hop Dance Company based in Lisbon.
In 2012 she finished her degree in Contemporary Dance at Escola Superior de Dança in Lisbon, where she studied ballet, modern dance, contemporary dance, acting, music and others.

That same year she founded the Urban Tribal Belly Dance Company Orchidaceae and invited her crewmates from ButterflieSoulFlow and some dedicated students to integrate the project. The aim was use all vocabularies in one project; the urban dances, the Contemporary Dance and the Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. The company has now 8 dancers with different backgrounds, building a strong and growing repertoire, freestyle and research.

In the last 5 years she has worked with different choreographers (contemporary dance) as Filipa Francisco, Marco Ferreira, Kwenda Lima, Tiago Guedes, Ricardo Ambrózio, Victor Hugo Pontes, Tânia Carvalho and Raquel Castro. With these different projects she performed in several Contemporary Dance Festivals in countries like Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, England, Poland, Holland, Brazil.

As a choreographer she saw her first piece “(I)logical Body” chosen to be presented in a emergent choreographers festival in 2011.

She has always looked for the teachers she loved and travelled to learn with them. She highlights in her learning process: Hip Hop and House Dance (Vasco Alves, Leo, Brian Green, Kapela, Yugson, Ejoe, Sekou, Hiro, Cebo Carr, Marjorie Smarth) Waacking (Archie Burnnet, Antoinette Gomis, Yoshie), Vogue (Archie Burnnet, Benny Ninja), Contemporary Dance (Gustavo Oliveira, Margarida Bettencourt, David Zambrano, Teresa Ranieri), Breakdance (Bgirl Baronesa, 12 Makakos), Tribal Fusion Belly Dance (Samantha Emanuel, Kami Liddle, Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Ariellah, Silvia Vasconcelos, Alexis Southall, Anasma, Mat Jacob).

She has been teaching since 2007 regular classes in Lisbon, and in national and international events in the different styles that she researches (Tribal Fusion, Urban Fusion, Contemporary dance, Hip Hop, Waacking, House and Breakdance).

In 2014 she started traveling to perform and teach at International Tribal Fusion Festivals as a soloist or with her company Orchidaceae Urban Tribal (Spain, France, Italy, Finland, England, India, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Estonia, Slovakia, U.S.A).

With other dancers from Lisbon she is one of the organizers of TribaLx, Lisbon International Tribal Fusion Festival and ODI (Orchidaceae Dance Intensive, for advanced/professional dancers).
She always continues to learn, to take classes, to look for more, trying to find the balance between studying, teaching, choreographing and dancing for Contemporary Dance projects, Hip Hop and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.

She just likes to fly, experiment and try. And start everything again.

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