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With over 10 years of extensive dance training, Lamia Barbara is an internationally touring dancer and instructor based in Siracusa, Italy. Fascinated by Eastern cultures and arts as a child, Lamia Barbara began studying Bellydance at 18 years old in Siracusa, her hometown, with Jlenia Schiavo (Cabaret Style Bellydance) and Nadia Hekmat (Egyptian and Folk Bellydance).

After 5 years of training in both Bellydance and Yoga, she discovered and deeply fell in love with Tribal Fusion Bellydance. By that time there were no regular classes or any teacher in Siracusa or South Italy, so she found herself obsessively studying through workshops with great masters, traveling all over Europe. Her formation includes intensive education with Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Manca Pavli, Ariellah, Samantha Emanuel and many others.

In 2010 Lamia was certified in the I level of Fusion bellydance technique’s format with Suhaila Salimpour. In the same year she began to perform during dance events in Italy and Europe, and to teach at Tery al Kubra school of Eastern dances in Catania.

In 2011 she joined Manca Pavli’s Amaya Dance Company during the European tour, and began the artistic collaboration with her friend Violet Scrap leading up to the project Vio.La.

In 2012 Lamia organized Tribalnatyam, the first event dedicated to Tribal Fusion Bellydance in Sicily. Now at its 4th edition, Tribalnatyam quickly became one of the biggest events in Europe with international masters and students from all over the world.

Lamia loves to collaborate with dancers, musicians and choreographers creating performances that blend theater, music and dance. Her artistic collaborations include performances with Mardi Love, Violet Scrap, April Rose, Haza Nadyka, Skogen, Cardiac Rhythm and Cairomaxum.

Lamia’s devotion to dance and art brings her to explore several dance forms, in the ongoing research of the connection between poetry and body expression.
Her various dance training includes Ballet with Paolo Pavani and Antonella Crucitti, Contemporary dance with Emma Scialfa, Flaminio Galluzzo, Salvo Alicata and Shobana Jeyasingh, Butoh theater- dance with Valeria Geremia.

Lamia fell in love with Yoga as a teenager and never stopped being amazed by the depth and beauty of this ancient discipline. She still studies and practices it on a daily basis.

In 2013 Lamia discovered Bharatanatyam (classical dance from South India) and felt it as the natural development of her studies in both dance and Yoga.

She deeply committed to the study of this dance form and is currently completing her Bachelor Degree in Bharatanatyam at the Conservatory of Vicenza under the direction of her teacher Nuria Sala Grau. Beside the intensive dance training, her academic formation at the Conservatory also includes Indian music and singing, sanskrit and many historical and theoretical studies.

Lamia’s holistic approach to dance explores the history, philosophy, theory and technique of dance and music with an emphasis on the ethic of experimental fused dances and the great importance given to the connection between meaning and expression.

Taking inspiration from her studies in dance and Yoga, Lamia Barbara presents a unique style that blends eastern and western elements, tradition and modern expression, searching for that sacredness of the body that belongs to every dance.

With over 10 years of extensive training, studying and performing all over the world, Lamia’s vision of dance aims towards the connection between body, mind and spirit.

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